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VISY BOARD (Western Australia)

Since May 2005 I have been involved in implementing 5S in the manufacturing plant of Visy Board in Western Australia. This will be an 18 month to 2 year project ending in the first half of 2007.

5S is a continuous improvement program developed in Japan in the early '90's. Since then it has been successfully implemented around the world specifically in manufacturing industries.

At its core is cultural change. There is a heavy emphasis on the empowerment of staff at all levels to look at innovative ways of doing their job better, which in turn improves productivity across the plant.

5S impacts all levels of management. As a result of my involvement I have developed in consultation with Senior Management the following:

  • A SWOT analysis and report on the current business.

  • Implementation of Team Meetings across the plant involving all staff across all shifts.

  • Training an Internal 5S Co-ordinator in the process.

  • Developing and running an Effective Meeting Workshop.

  • Developing and running a Communication in the Workplace Training Program.

  • A Training Plan that looks at developing not only current Supervisors and Managers, but also identifying and training potential leaders.

  • Developing an incentive for performance scheme that rewards teams meeting stretch targets.

  • A Team Culture.