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Training Courses

Listed below are a number of the courses that I have both designed and run.

The MBTI & You

"Understanding yourself; Understanding others..."

Taking the MBTI inventory and receiving feedback will help you identify your unquie gifts. The information enhances understanding yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths and your potential areas for growth. It will also help you to appreciate people who differ from you.

Building Effective Teams

"There's no 'I' in Team... or is there??"

Effective Teamwork is talked about in business, but translating the words into action is perhaps another thing... This 1 day workshop explores what makes teams successful, and provides some workable strategies for you and your team to put into practice...

Change Management

"But We've Never Done it This Way Before..."

The 7 last words of any Business or Organisation... "We've never done it this way before...". In two 1/2 days we will look at the process of change and how to effectively make it part of your business culture.

The Effective Meeting

"Action not Talk..."

"Meetings are events where the minutes are kept and the hours wasted...". If this is your experience then this one day workshop may be of use to you and your managers.

Effective Workplace Communication

"What I Say and What You Hear..."

What I say and what you hear can be two totally different things. This one day course explores practical ways to eliminate those differences.